• It was a great visit waiting on my next one

    James Smith Avatar
    James Smith

    Dr Cox was very informative and knowlable about the sleep apnea choices. Leaned alot from the consulation. Will definately consider this option. Thank you for your time and expertise.

    I had a followup appointment to get more indept info on the procedure. Dr Cox is simple very patient and knowable on his procedures. Very personable as well. Can't say enough positives about him and his office. Thanks you sir.

    Bob Petit Avatar
    Bob Petit
  • I was diagnosed with sleep apnea over 4 years ago. The neurologist sent a Rep to my house that gave me a CPAP machine showed me how to use and clean it but no education on how sleep apnea can harm you.. I was looking for an alternative to the CPAP.. I was blessed to find Dr Ronald Cox.. he educated me beyond expectation. He and his staff truly care about your well-being as well as offer a great alternative to being tied to the wall with a machine. Highly recommend

    Tamara Johnson Avatar
    Tamara Johnson

    Dr Cox and Ms Marina are terrific! They make you feel welcome. I have never had as thorough and clear patient education. Highly recommended. I look forward to getting the actual appliance.

    dawn detgen Avatar
    dawn detgen